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As Your Inspired Writing Coach, I know you can write an engaging book, blog, report, or e-mail. I’m like that teacher or boss you’ve always wished for—who wants you to succeed and patiently shows you how to write well so you can achieve your goals. When we work together, I can help you boost your writing skills so that you write confidently, effectively, and creatively.

I enjoy sharing the fruits of my life as an award-winning author and writer so that you can develop your writing skills and write with ease. I’ve created my Inspired Writing Process, which includes all the tricks of the trade I’ve learned over my long writing career. I often learned them the hard way; now I love showing you how to write an easier way. 

“I thought you’d like to know that I recently sold a $100,000 project.  
I believe that having the book was a significant factor in making the sale.”
Management Consultant, Atlanta, Ga.


STEP ONE: Accept my gift: The Inspired Writing Toolkit.

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I know you can improve your writing skills. And to help, please accept my free gift: The Inspired Writing Toolkit. Just sign up (box on upper right) to learn how to write books, blogs, articles — or, really, anything you want to write well! You’ll received my Inspired Writing Workbook, 77 writing and storytelling tips, a Speedy Inspired Writing video on how to write faster, and my e-book 10 Myths Keeping You from Becoming an Inspired Writer.

“You ARE an inspiring writing coach! Last night’s class
was fantastic! It was the best class I have taken on
any subject in a very long time.” —
Kelley Rajala,
North Bay Made & Made Local Marketplace, Santa Rosa, Calif.

STEP TWO: See if we’re a match.

  • Are you an entrepreneur, employer, or individual who wants to improve your writing skills? Learn more about my Inspired Writing Process that’s proven to teach you how to write well—confidently producing blogs, books, articles, and e-mail that grab your readers and get results. Click to continue learning more about my writing skills coaching.
  • Are you an artist or craft artist who appreciates how much a book or blog can capture your creativity and share your amazing journey? Click to continue learning more about how I can help you showcase your talent and tell your unique stories.
  • Are you a chef, restaurant owner, vintner, or food entrepreneur who wants to spotlight your talents and your business? Click to continue reading about how to write books, blogs, articles and storytelling techniques so you can share your expertise with the world.

STEP THREE: Get your FREE Writing Coaching Session.

If you’d enjoy some one-on-one personal help, sign up for a free 30-minute coaching session on the phone. With this one session, people say they can write faster and more confidently the same day!

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I hope we get to work together. If we do, before you know it, your writing skills will be soaring. and you’ll be writing with confidence and clarity, like this student: “Thank you for being my Inspired Writing Coach!  I appreciate all the valuable tips and must say that I feel inspired. This … has re-ignited and re-awakened my passion for writing.”  — Gina Joseph, Director, Corporate Comm. at Ministry of Health, Trinidad and Tobago

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Lynda McDaniel
Your Inspired Writing Coach

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How to write Two of my latest books How Not to Sound Stupid When You Write and Write Your Book Now! are Amazon Bestselling Books! 



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My other “new” book is the Second Edition of Words at Work, my award-winning book packed with stories about the writer’s life and tricks of the trade so you can write like a pro!

If you’ve wanted to learn how to write books, blogs, articles but couldn’t get started—or finished—check out these books by clicking on their covers. (They’re at a great price, too!)