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I love toLynda McDaniel writing coach write. I’ve been lucky, enjoying a successful 25+ year career as a professional writer. But I wasn’t born a great writer. I didn’t edit my high school newspaper or write for the college magazine. I just worked hard at my writing. Which means you can write well too. The writers’ club is big and welcoming. You just need to keep practicing and learn a few tricks of the trade. I believe that everyone can learn to write well, and that’s why I’m now a writing coach and book coach.M

How I got my start: It all began at the end of a gravel driveway lined with tall pines and sun-dappled daffodils. Although it was years ago, I recall that day with the fiercest clarity: walking up to the massive oak door with a hand-forged handle, tugging on its surprising weight, and entering a world of art and craft, music and writing. There, at the Campbell Folk School, I met the director, who eventually asked if I’d like to learn public relations. To be honest, I should have answered, “What’s that?” Instead, I said, “Sure,” and took to it like ink to newsprint. I wrote all kinds of things for the school: newsletters and press releases, articles and ads. Once I saw my first published article, I was hooked. I haven’t stopped writing since.



Full of my writing coach tips and tools I also served as writing coach on this book
I’m proudest of the dozen books I’ve written. In 2009, I wrote Words at Work straight from my heart, a much-needed response to all the questions and concerns people have about writing today; it won top honors from the National Best Books Awards. That same year, I wrote Contemporary Hawai’i Woodworkers: the Wood, the Art, the Aloha, a coffee-table art book featuring 35 artists; it won several awards and sold out quickly. Since then, I’ve written two Amazon Bestselling Books: How Not to Sound Stupid When You Write and Write Your Book Now!  You can check out all my books here.

M M Why I became a writing coach Where I first practiced as a writing coach

The High Road Guide to the Mountains of North Carolina put me in touch with so many artists, chefs, and naturalists who call those gorgeous mountains home. Other notable books include Asheville: A View from the Top; The Insider’s Guide to the North Carolina Mountains; and, of course, my co-authored book with Virginia McCullough, Write Your Book Now!  MM

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I loved writing for arts and culture magazines such as Southern Living, Country Living, writing coach experienceAmericanStyle, NICHE, Southwest Art, Yoga Journal, American Cinematographer, Arches, Chile Pepper, and Restaurants USA. Newspaper articles about art, food, and business ran in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Charlotte Observer, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and for arts and culture magazines such as Southern Living, Country Living, AmericanStyle, NICHE, Southwest Art, and Yoga Journal.


About nine years ago, I became a writing coach and book coach, helping others to write more effectively and start/finish/publish books. I’ve worked with artists and entrepreneurs, as well as executives and staff from organizations such as Microsoft, Visa, UPS, Boeing, Citibank, Del Monte, Columbia Books, Institute of Management Consultants, U.S. Small Business Administration, University of Washington, and International Assn. of Business Communicators. Here are just a few of the books I’ve helped clients publish. (To look inside, click on the covers to go to their Amazon page.)

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I designed this site to help everyone who wants to write anything from a powerful e-mail to an enticing blog to a bestselling book! I know where the pitfalls are, both externally and inside our heads, and I can help you at all levels. If you want to learn how to write like a pro, look over the free and low-cost resources on my site. Then, when you’re ready, sign up for the level of help you need. I’m looking forward to working with you!

And I hope you’ll take advantage of my free 30-minute WRITING COACHING SESSIONIf you’d enjoy some one-on-one personal help, sign up for a this free phone call. With this one session, people say they can write faster and more confidently the same day!  (If 30 minutes isn’t enough time, you can add 60 minutes for just $50. We can get a lot accomplished in that amount of time!) Get started here.

I’d love to help you discover (or develop) your inspired writer within.

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